Our 5-row, pavé lab-grown white sapphire chain sits gracefully atop the wrist - but don’t be deceived - the Bendetta bracelet is anything but dainty.  Inspired by the gold link sets of the 1930’s, she can be styled alone or loaded up with our Dorsey and Kate rivière bracelets (shown here).

What's Lab Grown:

Dorsey gemstones are engineered in a lab meant to mimic the conditions in which the stones naturally develop beneath the Earth’s crust. So they have the same physical and chemical properties as mined stones, but without harm caused to those who mine for them. Lab-grown gemstones are more affordable than mined gemstones but the quality, sparkle, and timelessness factor remains the same. This is the future of beautiful jewelry.

Lab-grown diamond expressed in Carat Total Weight (CTW). Lab-grown sapphire and emerald CTW expressed in Diamond Equivalent Weight. 

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